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Experiment & DIY Care Breeding Nutrition Biology Lists


Seahorse Facts and Information For New Keepers. Includes information on how to select your seahorse, what type and size tank you need, the temperature and food requirements etc. Consider this the most important document for a beginner to read!


Problem Algae in the Marine Aquarium
by Richard Webber

Cycling a Marine Tank
by Karen Barber

Caring for Dwarf Seahorses

by Judi Barr

What to Test for...

by Richard Webber

Nature's Ocean Bio Sea Sand

by Eric Spence


A Guide to the Most Common Seahorse Disease and Medical Conditions
by Will Wooten, il. Susan Waugnman

Pictorial Disease ID Guide
by Will Wooten, il. Susan Waugnman

Gas Bubble Disease
by Will Wooten

Pouch Evacuation for Male Seahorses
by Tamara Weiss

Seahorse Anatomy
by Clare Driscoll

Sexing Seahorses
by Clare Driscoll


Foods and Nutrition

Culturing the Mysid Shrimp, Mysidopsis bahia, as an Aquarium Food
by Jay Hemdal

by Mike Gilbert and Bethany Watson

Ghost Shrimp
by Mike Gilbert and Bethany Watson

Collecting Ghost Shrimp
by Basil J. Miller

by Mike Gilbert and Bethany Watson

by Mike Gilbert and Bethany Watson

The Complete Guide to Artemia
by Mike Gilbert and Bethany Watson

Artemia Tips
by Richard Weber

Artemia Nutritional Analysis
by Richard Webber

by Will Wooten

Seahorse Foods
by Tamara Weiss

Live Food Sources
by Tamara Weiss


Solving Problems in Seahorse Culture
by Todd Gardner

Fry Development Cycle - From Egg to Horse
by Mike Gilbert

Fry Diary - last updated 01.09.01
by Lynn Paulson

A Home Seahorse Farm
by David Mulcahy

Raising erectus Fry
by David Mulcahy

A Scalable Method of Raising H. erectus
by Dan Underwood

Experiemental & DIY

Protein Skimmate and Copepod Production
by Diane Bennett

Mantis Shrimp Trap
by Ray Starling

Refugium (missing diagrams temporarily
by Donna Malter

Surface Extracting Pre-Skimmer Box for the Red Sea Prizm Skimmer
by Bill Esposito


Tankmates Guide

Guide to Buying from an LFS
by Keith Gentry

World Wide LFS List
by Admins

World Wide Seahorse Suppliers List
by Admins

Official Seahorse.org Reading List
by Pete Giwojna et. al.

Seahorse Species List
by Admins

Quick ID Guide
Will Wooten

by Tony McNeil

Seahorse Conservation and Research Groups
by Admins

Seahorse Displays and Places to Visit
by Admins

Seahorse Related Contact Information
by Pete Giwojna et. al.

Seahorse fact: The male carries the babies and gives birth to live young on average every 30 days.
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