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Seanic Aquarium

Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 1-519-820-4546
Equipment/Accessories: Good range
Live food: Adult Brine Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, Rotifers
Frozen Food: P.E Mysis
Inverts Only: Corals, Crustaceans etc. both CB & WC
Marine Fish: Yes, and some CB Marine fish
Macroalgae: Caulerpa
C.B Seahorses: H.Whitei, H.Abdominalis, H.Barbouri, H.Kuda



The Giant Petstore

2 Twickenham Road Union Park
Fifers Lane Norwich
Tel : 01603 423600
Equipment/Acessories : good range
Live food : occasionally ghost shrimp
Inverts Only : mainly shrimps, soft corals
Marine fish : fair range, CB Kudas, Fuscus Dwarf Seahorses can be ordered
Macroalgae : no

Aqua Logistix

180 Lockerbie Road Dumfries DG1 3BW
Tel : 01387 261839
Equipment/Acessories : no
Live Food : Green Algae Culture, Decapsulated cysts, Rotifers, Artemia, Adult brine shrimp, Cocopods, Marine mud shrimp, Freshwater/Marine Mysis, Gammarus.
Inverts Only : Hermit crabs, Tubeworms, Sea Hares, Starfish, Sea cucumbers, Snails.
Marine Fish : Gobies, Blennies, Dragonets, Wrasses, Greater Pipefish,
Macroalgae : Caulerpa Prolifera/Mexicana, Sea Lettuce
(will ship anywhere in the UK)

ZM Fry Feeds

26 Harrow Down Winchester SO22 4LZ
Tel : 0780 858 4375
Equipment/Acessories : fine gauge BS sieve, BS hatcher
Live Food : no - only BS eggs & fry feeds
Inverts Only : no
Marine Fish : no
Macroalgae : no
(will ship anywhere in the UK )


68-70 Carter Lane Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG18 3DF
Tel : 01623 428100/ Mail Order Hotline : 01623 465462
Equipment/Acessories : all major brands
Live Food : adult brine shrimp, brackish daphnia
Inverts Only : various crabs, snails, starfish
Marine Fish : huge range, seahorses but only w/c
Macroalgae : no
(Will ship anywhere in the UK)

Swallow Aquatics

London Road Rayleigh Essex SS6 9ES
Tel :01268 781265
Equipment.Acessories : large range
Live Food : no
Inverts Only : good selection, shrimps
Marine Fish : huge range including CB Kuda seahorses
Macroalgae : no


United States


Turnpike Pet Center

525 Tunxis Hill Road
Fairfield, CT 06432-4442 U.S.
Tel: (203) 576-8910
Equipment/Accessories: Large range
Live Food: Yes
Frozen Food: P.E Mysis , various others
Inverts Only: Crustaceans, Hermit Crabs
Marine Fish: Yes
C.B Seahorses: O.R. Seahorses
Additional Comments: Orders taken, very helpful and informative



Aquatics Unlimited

3550 S. 108th Street, Greenfield, WI 53228-1257
Phone [414] 543-2552
Equipment/Tank Acessories: all major brands
Live food: Ghost Shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Red Shrimp
Inverts Only: yes
Marine fish: Good selection of marines, including many tank raised.
Macroalgae: yes
C.B. Seahorses: Sometimes O.R., sometimes ORA.

Hoffer's Tropic Life Pets

7323 N 76th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53223
(414) 760-2257
Equipment/Accessories: Large range
Live Food: Brine Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp sometimes
Frozen Food: Sally's Mysis , various others
Inverts Only: Corals, Clean up crew, etc.
Marine Fish: Yes - lots of CB and TR
C.B Seahorses: Just started carrying ORA H. procerus
Additional Comments : Keeps CB seahorses with Wild Caught Seahorses.

Wetfish Aquatics

Milwaukee, WI


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