Currently Recognized Hippocampus Species and Common Names

There are currently around thirty-five recognized seahorse species. Seahorses are part of the family syngnathidae (pronounced sing-nath-i-dee), which means "fused jaw". All seahorses belong to the genus Hippocampus. Below are the scientific name and most commonly accepted common names. Because common names can be quite confusing and vary quite a bit, it is best to always use the scientific name of a species.

Scientific Name

Common Name

H. abdominalis Pot Bellied Seahorse

H. algiricus

West African Seahorse

H. angustus

Narrow Bellied Seahorse

H. barbouri Barbour's Seahorse
H. bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse

H. borboniensis

Réunion Seahorse

H. breviceps Short Snouted Seahorse

H. camelopardalis

Giraffe Seahorse

H. capensis Knysna Seahorse
H. comes Tiger Tail Seahorse

H. coronatus

Crowned Seahorse

H. erectus Lined Seahorse

H. fisheri

Fisher's Seahorse

H. fuscus Sea Pony
H. guttulatus

Speckled Seahorse

H. hippocampus

European Seahorse

H. histrix

Thorny Seahorse

H. ingens

Pacific Seahorse

H. jayakari Jayakar's Seahorse
H. kelloggi

Great Seahorse

H. kuda Spotted Seahorse

H. lichtensteinii

Lichtenstein's Seahorse

H. minotaur

Bullneck Seahorse

H. mohnikei Japanese Seahorse
H. procerus

Hippocampus procerus

H. reidi Brazillian Seahorse

H. sindonis

Shiho's seahorse

H. spinosissimus Hedgehog Seahorse
H. subelongatus West Australian Seahorse
H. trimaculatus

Three-Spot Seahorse

H. tuberculatus

Knobby Seahorse

H. whitei

White's Seahorse

H. zebra

Zebra Seahorse

H. zosterae Dwarf Seahorse

Note: Seahorse genetics is just beginning to be fully understood, and as a result, seahorse taxonomy is constantly changing. does its best to stay on top of these changes, but if you see anything in error, please let marc know.


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Seahorse fact: The Latin name for Seahorse is "Hippocampus" - 'Hippos' is Greek for horse, 'campus' is Greek for monster.
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