By Mike Gilbert and Bethany Watson

Rotifers are used as a first food for the smaller species, mainly H. Reidi. However, they are not the best food as they must be enriched. We personally have never seen a seahorse baby eat one. An easy way to culture rotifers is with a 32 gallon trash can. Simply add 1.021 SG water, a starter and a rigid piece of 3/16" airline tubing bubbling just enough to make a steady stream. We feed ours Nanno paste, about 1/2" from the squeeze bottle daily. It takes about 2 weeks to establish a good culture. The Nanno paste is available at Brineshrimp Direct.

A 32-gallon plastic trash can works well, with a rigid piece of airline tubing with just enough air to make a steady stream.

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Seahorse fact: Males may lose their eggs if stressed
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