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20.10.2003 -Three new forums were added to the new category Marketplace these are Trading and Classifieds, Vendor Offerings, and Vendor Experiences.

-Site Updates list Added
-Article added: Artemia nutritional breakdown by Richard Webber

07.22.2003 -New Gallery released! Hundreds of photos, dozens of new species - ranging from pipehorses to sea moths. And, of course, Seahorses.
07.18.2003 -Seahorses: Frequently Asked Questions. This new section is now up and running

-Site Map created. Help page updated.

07.01.2003 is the proud Recipient of the Golden Web award for the
recent site redesign!
06.25.2003 -Article Added: Artemia Tips by Richard Webber.
06.23.2003 -Artle Added: Testing Water Quality by Richard Webber
06.01.2003 -Archived posts were added back to their original forums to make searching easier.
06.08.2003 -Three new forums were added, Seahorse Conservation, Seahorses in the News, and Research and Experimentation.
06.07.2003 -Seahorse Disease ID Guide added for the quick identification and treatment of common seahorse ailments.
05.25.2003 -Lazy Sunday Chat chat schedule decided.
05.23.2003 -Article Added: Phytoplankton: What It Is, Its Applications for Seahorse Rearing, and How To Culture It In 6 Easy Steps by Will Wooten
05.01.2003's own merchandise goes on sale at the store.
04.10.2003 -Article Added: Quick Identification Guide by Will Wooten
03.17.2003 -Article Added: Cycling a Marine Tank by Karen Barber
03.13.2003 care guide: Seahorse Facts and Information for New Keepers made available in both PDF and HTML formats
02.26.2003 -Wild Caught Seahorses forum added.

-Seahorse Chat created.
-Article Added: Problem Algae in the Marine Aquarium by Richard Webber
-Seahorse Species List added

02.20.2003 -Article Added: A Home Seahorse Farm by David Mulcahy
-Article Added: Pouch Evacuation for Male Seahorses by Tamara Weiss
02.15.2003 forums updated to a new and faster bbs system.

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