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I strongly recommend that you do not ever buy webhosting from Lunarpages. If you are an existing client of Lunarpages - *move* hosting companies before they decide to close you down. There are many similar hosting companies. This one does not deserve to survive!

I don't believe that *anyone*,  should have to go through what I have gone through.

Lunarpages will do whatever they wish to your web site, whenever they wish and without any notice. Lunarpages can cripple your website, and can withhold your actual data or delete your website without any real reason, other than their whim.

Lunarpages has a customer forum. I placed my concerns about what they were doing to my website in these forums. My posts were deleted, and I was warned *not* to post negative comments about Lunarpages in their forums. I continued, and demanded they acknowledge what they were doing to my website.

 I was banned from posting to the forum!

Here, in summary, are the problems that we experienced during the past 6 months of hosting with Lunarpages:

E-MAILS DISAPPEARING WITHOUT TRACE / EMAIL SYSTEM BEING TAKEN OFFLINE FOR DAYS AT A TIME. Several times, emails between admins were not being received by the other admins of the site. Investigation showed that these emails simply disappeared. Gone. No trace. Test emails also did not arrive, These test emails did not get reported as undeliverable - they simply were gone! On other occasions the mail server refused connections, for up to 12 hours, then continued as normal - without any answers from Lunarpages as to what the problems were. 

THREATS OF SERVICE TERMINATION were received based upon an unspecified number of emails being reported ( supposedly by AOL members ) as "spam". Without any clue as to what the offending e-mails were I embarked on a process of removing AOL emails from my system ( as recommended by Lunarpages ), affecting around 10% of my  membership. There were three occasions when I was threatened due to AOL complaining about SPAM from our domain. I received no help from Lunar pages to determine who or what was marking my websites email as SPAM. 


Note: We do not send *any* bulk email. We do not send *any* commercial email - we don't even have commercial advertising on our website. 

The only emails we send are under the following four occasions: 

1) When some one registers to become a member. 

2) When someone receives a private message from another member, a notification email is sent. 

3) When someone subscribes to be notified when a forum gets updated, they get an email notification - this expires after 30 days, and has to be renewed manually by the member. 

4) Administrators sending private email - There are two of us who send email using the domain name as our email sending server - Two. Two people sending about 30 emails a week. What was at issue here was that Lunarpages was completely unhelpful and just threatened us with email closure if we did not stop sending 'SPAM'. 

We continue to protest that we have *never* sent SPAM. We do not *ever* send bulk email to our registered members. We do not send *any* mass emails or notifications.


CRIPPLING AND THEN DELETION OF OUR WEB SITE. Finally,  Lunar pages 'suspended' i.e.  "permanently removed" my website. They did so without notice - I logged on to my website to find a suspension notice on my screen. When I called I was told I was suspended for ignoring their warnings about sending SPAM. I pointed out that we no longer used Lunarpages to send email, and that we now used a new hosting company for our email. The 'service agent' hung up on me.

I called back, with DNS information and got the new service agent to confirm that our email was not being sent from Lunarpages, and thus - even if I were sending SPAM - it was from a different hosting company! I was asked to 'hold' - and after about 8 minutes I was told that the site was suspended because I had abused their staff in an email 5 weeks previously! 

I then ( apparently ) mad the fatal mistake. I threatened to get a lawyer to sue them for my data and for damages. The response from Lunarpaes was not to then agree to hand over my backups - they stated they would not have any further conversation of communication with me in any way!

That was the end of it. No access to my data, none of the forum data and pictures, the website was gone, and all I had was a previous backup from April - now 3 months out of date!

I resorted to obtaining a lawyer based near the registered office of Lunarpages, and set about obtaining a court order to force Lunarpages to give me my data back.

The lawyer also discovered something interesting: By accepting the Lunarpages terms and conditions, I had agreed to limit any claim against them to the sum of three months fees. Yes, I would definitely win any case against Lunarpages, but I had agreed contractually to limit my claim to $45! I don't remember this part! But there it is in black and white! I further agreed that if they suspended my website - for whatever reason - then I would pay them $100!

What on earth!

Lunarpages can, at anytime, for any reason suspend your website, and you have agreed they can charge you $100 for this, and that if you take them to court and win your case, you can only claim $45 in damages!


A FINAL TWIST IN THE TAIL!!!. This is the best part. Whilst I was busy going down the legal route, a friend of mine - in an effort to assist - got hold of 'CHAD' a manager at Lunarpages, and told him that he was a member of the 'board' of my website, that I had resigned, and that he would like the data back. 'CHAD' arranged for my friend to get access to my websites backups! My friend had no authority to access my data. He tried - in his own way - to get the website back for me. He succeeded. I cancelled the lawyer and the high fees, and restored by website on a new host. 

This part that you should sit up and notice: My propriety data, my confidential files, the whole website, registered programs, and all data collected over 5 years was handed over to someone who stated they were part of the website, but could offer no proof. 

This could have been my closest competitor, rather than a friend. All my data, all the website could be handed over by Lunarpages without any checks being performed - whilst the person who is the registered owner of the website, who has paid in advance for the services was denied the backups because Lunarpages were offended I instituted legal proceedings. 


NOTE: Our server was shared with hundreds of other web sites. Lunarpages implemented this bizarre knee-jerk reaction simply because they claimed we were sending SPAM. When I proved we were not, they stated that abuse directed at their staff 5 weeks earlier was the reason for closing our website.

I believe that the reason why we were 'targeted' by Lunarpages was because we were actually using the resources they advertised we could use! They offer such huge amounts of data and bandwidth knowing most clients will never use the resources. When a client does, they simply harass them into moving - and if they don't get the message, they are simply suspended. SPAM is a convenient way of suspending a site - difficult to prove and the people actually sending SPAM will deny they are. If that fails - you are sure to find some other reason to get rid of high resource clients.

I am not alone. I have found other websites who have experienced exactly the same issues. I have found one that basically mirrors my issues, so I have chosen to follow their format to present the information to the public. I hope that by showing you that there is a huge downside to Lunarpages, I can save you from the suffering I had to go through to get my site back and running again!


A company like Lunarpages does *not* deserve to survive.